Our History

Fayetteville Vehicle Processing Center & Storage, LLC is the first and only vehicle storage facility that treats your vehicle like the investment it is. Oriented towards the person who is looking for service as well as storage, Fayetteville VPC ensures each vehicle is indoors, protected from the elements and vandalism, and monitored 24 hours a day, with maintenance plans that will find your vehicle better than when you left it. Fayetteville VPC is experienced in military affairs and specializes in helping the soldier take advantage of certain DOD programs that may reimburse them for any storage cost incurred.

There may be some discussion, if you ask Terry and Claudia Johnson, who runs the business at Fayetteville VPC, but none whatsoever in where it is headed. With more and more soldiers being deployed these days the need is definitely there for the soldier to be able to store a vehicle in such a way that it will not weigh on their minds during upcoming months of hardship. After a little research the Johnson household found that the DOD apparently felt the same way and had setup the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command to deal with just such issues. Realizing the funding was there for eligible soldiers, Fayetteville Vehicle Processing Center was born.

Terry’s vision of Fayetteville VPC grew sharper as he realized that the company’s foundation was being built on his values. Deciding he could give back to the town that had given him so much growing up, he quickly found a site for their flagship office in one of Fayetteville’s HUD zones so as to share this opportunity with the neighborhood. “It is not just about the job opportunity, but also the traffic and business that we will bring to the area. That is what is being a partner in the community is all about.”

But that is not the end of the plan for Fayetteville VPC. Since the majority of the investors are Veterans, they feel they have an obligation to reach out to the soldiers on Fort Bragg. With no Government Contractors handling vehicle storage in North Carolina catering to the soldier making a Permanent Change of Station, soldiers in the past have been forced to fend for themselves. This problem has been compounded by the fact that with so many soldiers deployed; the few establishments in Fayetteville that can store cars have been filled, the soldier is left with few alternatives. The military has set aside funds for this entitlement but simply cannot find the service.

At Fayetteville VPC service is the focus and that includes the civilian sector as well. In recent discussions with local business leaders, the idea of a “Travelers Package” surfaced and Terry thinks that would be a good fit with Fayetteville VPC’s vision. “We are here to provide a service in a market, both military and civilian, that has previously been a headache. We know our customers have needs that would make this process a relief rather than a burden and we are determined to listen and fill them.